25th Annual Four Oaks Golf Classic

June 11, 2018 | Cedar Rapids Country Club

It's 'fore' the kids! Now in its 25th year, the Golf Classic is one of the areas most prestigious golf outings.

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The Golf Classic

Now in its 25th year, the Four Oaks Golf Classic is one of the area’s most prestigious events. While the event has grown, the mission has remained at the forefront: raise money for the programs that help kids become successful adults.

On the Monday morning of the golf tournament, the environment is electric! As the golfers head out onto the course – following a short welcome and announcements – Four Oaks kids give a “high-five” for good luck.

The Golf Classic has raised net proceeds of over $2 million over the past 25 years. This is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the children who depend on Four Oaks to help them become successful adults.

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Celebrating 25 Years!

Four Oaks Golf Classic Celebrates 25 years!

Sunday, JUNE 10 5:30-7:30 P.M. AT CRST InternationAL

John and Dyan Smith have graciously offered to host a celebration party in commemoration of our 25th year. Please join Cedar Real Estate, the owner of the CRST Center, on their fourth floor terrace in downtown Cedar Rapids for cocktails & appetizers, listen to some music and reminisce with old friends and new ones. Dress is cocktail casual.

This complimentary event is a great way to kick off the next day's events and help Four Oaks kids and families. Bring your spouse, significant other or a friend!

For more information, or to RSVP, contact Katie Curtis at 319-784-2020 or kcurtis@fouroaks.org.

Golf Classic 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

Four Oaks Golf Classic Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact brenda myers at (319) 784-2137 with any questions

Sponsorship Form

Four Oaks Golf Classic Sponsorship Opportunities

Please email this form to Brenda Myers, Community Engagement Officer at bmyers@fouroaks.org. Also, please feel free to make your payment here.

Rules of Play

Rules of Play


  • Four Person Best Shot
    1. Each team member tees off
    2. Select the best shot
    3. Each team member then hits from the best shot
    4. Repeat this process on every shot until the ball is holed
  • Each Player must use his/her tee shot at least twice during the round.
  • You may lift, clean, and place your ball within one club length of where the original ball lays, no closer to the hole.
  • You may not place a ball out of its original condition. Example: If the ball selected lies in the rough, hazard, bunker, and etc. you may not place the ball out of the rough, hazard, bunker, etc.
  • Automatic Two Putt Rule is in effect: Each player putts once, if the putt is not holed, please pick up and count a second putt.
  • Tiebreaker: Ties will be broken by a scorecard play-off starting on the lowest handicap hole.

Team Skins Game

Entry Fee:

All teams are in the Skins Game. The Skins Pot will be: $1,000.


  • All teams will compete against each other.
  • Every hole counts as one Skin. If after the completion of the round, one team has a score lower than anyone else on a particular hole, they will win a Skin. Example: Team #1 wins a Skin on Hole #3 by scoring lower than anyone else on that hole. Team #2 wins a Skin on Hole #10 by scoring lower than anyone else on that hole. Assuming all other holes had two teams tie with the lowest score, this would mean that a total of two Skins were won. Each Skin would be worth $500 (purse/Skins won). Teams #1 and #2 each win $500 in Skins.
  • Skins payout will be issued in the form of Gift Certificates from the Cedar Rapids Country Club Golf Shop. If no Skins are won, all monies will be donated to Four Oaks.


  • 1 Mulligan per person
  • Player may use their 1 Mulligan at any time
  • Players may not use a mulligan to secure a Hole-in-One or win a Flag Event.