25th Annual Four Oaks Golf Classic

June 11, 2018 | Cedar Rapids Country Club

It's 'fore' the kids! Now in its 25th year, the Golf Classic is one of the areas most prestigious golf outings.

Event Sponsors


The Golf Classic

The 25th annual Golf Classic was held on Monday, June 11 at the Cedar Rapids Country Club. Four Oaks hosted several hundred golfers for a day of golfing and mid-day luncheon to benefit Achievement Academy programming. We sincerely appreciate all sponsors, participants and volunteers who helped make a difference during the 25th annual Four Oaks Golf Classic! We look forward to seeing you next year!

2018 Golf Classic Winners - Team Impact Photo 54

Team Modern Piping 56

Team ESCO Group 58

Team CCB Packaging 58

Team ImOn Communications 59

Team Mercy Medical Center 60

Team TrueNorth 60

Team F&M Bank 61

Team Danielson 61

Team United Fire Group Foundation 62

Team Rapids Reproductions 63

Team Marco Technologies 63

Team Dave Schmitt Construction 63

Team TrueNorth 63

Team Mason 64

Team Jackson Insurance Group 65

Team Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust 65

Team International Paper 65

Team Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors 65

Team Purdue University Global 65

Team Lil’ Drug Store Products 66

Team Shive-Hattery 66

Team McIntyre Foundation 66

Team Modern Piping 66

Team Ernst 66

Team Kirkwood Community College 66

TeamAllied Glass 67

Team Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC 67

Team ETS 67

Team General Mills 67

Team Strategic Financial Solutions 67

Team Waldinger Corporation 67

Team DiNucci 69

Team Amperage Marketing 69

Team Limolink, Inc. 69

Team Olmstead Construction 69

Team ETS 69

Team Van Meter 70

TeamLil’ Drug Store Products 70

Team MediaQuest Outdoors 70

Team Schimberg Company 70

Team The M.A.C. 70

Team Strategic Print Solutions 71

Team Quaker 72

Team King’s Materials 72

Team Martin Brother’s Distributing 72

Team US Bank 72

Team Dermatology Clinic of Iowa 73

Team RSM 74

Team Barbee 75

Team Quaker 75

Golf Classic 2019

We are looking forward to the 2019 Golf Classic. Sponsorship and participant information will become available as we approach the event. Contact 319-784-2021 for immediate questions. See you soon!

Rules of Play

Rules of Play


  • Four Person Best Shot
    1. Each team member tees off
    2. Select the best shot
    3. Each team member then hits from the best shot
    4. Repeat this process on every shot until the ball is holed
  • Each Player must use his/her tee shot at least twice during the round.
  • You may lift, clean, and place your ball within one club length of where the original ball lays, no closer to the hole.
  • You may not place a ball out of its original condition. Example: If the ball selected lies in the rough, hazard, bunker, and etc. you may not place the ball out of the rough, hazard, bunker, etc.
  • Automatic Two Putt Rule is in effect: Each player putts once, if the putt is not holed, please pick up and count a second putt.
  • Tiebreaker: Ties will be broken by a scorecard play-off starting on the lowest handicap hole.

Team Skins Game

Entry Fee:

All teams are in the Skins Game. The Skins Pot will be: $1,000.


  • All teams will compete against each other.
  • Every hole counts as one Skin. If after the completion of the round, one team has a score lower than anyone else on a particular hole, they will win a Skin. Example: Team #1 wins a Skin on Hole #3 by scoring lower than anyone else on that hole. Team #2 wins a Skin on Hole #10 by scoring lower than anyone else on that hole. Assuming all other holes had two teams tie with the lowest score, this would mean that a total of two Skins were won. Each Skin would be worth $500 (purse/Skins won). Teams #1 and #2 each win $500 in Skins.
  • Skins payout will be issued in the form of Gift Certificates from the Cedar Rapids Country Club Golf Shop. If no Skins are won, all monies will be donated to Four Oaks.


  • 1 Mulligan per person
  • Player may use their 1 Mulligan at any time
  • Players may not use a mulligan to secure a Hole-in-One or win a Flag Event.