Message from our President & CEO and Board Chair

John F. Kennedy once said, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

These words resonate with our mission, which is to assure children become successful adults. The Four Oaks Enterprise recognizes that when children are able to overcome obstacles to success, our families, homes, neighborhoods, and communities are stronger.

When a child or family comes to us, they may be facing a variety of challenges including under or unemployment, mental or behavioral health challenges, lack of parenting skills, unstable housing, poverty and more. Together, Four Oaks, Jane Boyd Community House and the Affordable Housing Network, Inc. (AHNI) are a family of organizations that work together to create a continuum of care that holistically addresses the diverse needs of Iowa’s children and families.

This innovative-collaborative approach, which is based on our TotalChild® service model, has enabled us to create positive long-term results for the children and families we serve as we support them on their journey to achieving stability, self-sufficiency and permanency.

In FY21, Four Oaks, Jane Boyd, and AHNI positively impacted 26,455 children and families across the state of Iowa. We were only able to do so because of the incredible support of our community partners, volunteers, donors, and others like you. Thank you for investing in the success of Iowa’s children and families by supporting us this past year.

With your support, we are creating a community that is committed to allowing our best asset, our children, to succeed and together, we can Expect Success.


Anne Gruenewald
Four Oaks Enterprise President & CEO


Lydia Brown
Four Oaks Enterprise Board Chair