Four Oaks Statement on Racial Injustice, Inequity and Violence


June 19, 2020

During challenging times, it is very important to live our values – and speak the truth about what’s right and what must change.We are all horrified about the murders of Black men, women and children in America.The inequity, injustice and human tragedy of racism that continues unabated must be stopped.Many of us are deeply angry, sad and hopeless – especially as it is so personal, building on generations and centuries of abuse, disparity and denial.

Although we have long been committed to diversity and cultural competence, it is time for Four Oaks to stand up for profound change. While we have much to learn, it is important that we face the realities of racism, prioritize equity and justice, and not turn away.Four Oaks will deliberately address the systemic racism that permeates our work in Iowa, the children and families we serve, and our communities.

Four Oaks is committed to making this work central to all we do. We will hold ourselves accountable to correcting our own practices and policies that contribute to racial inequities, trauma and violence. We will also carry out this work with our partners and stakeholders, collaborating with all who are actively seeking racial justice.

You can also expect that Four Oaks will be diligent in our efforts and approaches to listen with open hearts and open minds, patient and compassionate while learning and exercise good intent, transparent with our plans and demonstrate evidence of our impact, and an instrument of inspiration and a voice of change.

Four Oaks' mission is to assure children become successful adults.It is our responsibility to make sure that Black children and families are equally successful.

It is time.


Anne Gruenewald

Four Oaks President & CEO