We believe in Santa Claus

December 23, 2011

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We believe in Santa Claus On nearly every school playground, there is a serious and often tense discussion: “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” To kids and adults everywhere, we at Four Oaks confess: Yes, we believe in Santa Claus. It just requires an adjustment in thinking.

He didn’t park his sleigh on the roof, didn’t come from the North Pole, and wasn’t dressed in a bright red suit.
At Four Oaks, our Santa Claus looks like your neighbor, co-worker, or the face you see in the mirror.

For 20 years, the Holiday Project has been a way for our kids have a merry Christmas. Every year we stand in awe as mountains of gifts, toys and clothes arrive. This year was no different.

Nearly 40 local businesses, organizations, churches and families donated gifts for approximately 500 individuals. More than 25 volunteers, including several Board members, collected and sorted gifts. Our staff, who spends the entire year making a difference in the life of a child, volunteered. The result is a testament to the generosity of people within our community.

Four Oaks isn’t the only organization that has benefitted from this prevalent attitude of giving. The level of service we provide to our kids and neighbors in need is a reflection on the values of our community.

As sure as we know support will come from an amazing assortment of people, we know there is the spirit of Santa Claus. How could we possibly think otherwise?