Walmart Supports Four Oaks with Asperger's Grant

November 14, 2009

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Cedar Rapids- Children with a type of Autism, called Asperger’s Syndrome will get some help, thanks to the Walmart State Giving Program. Walmart has granted the Four Oaks Asperger’s Program $28,000 through a grant, designed to help children who have difficulty understanding and communicating with family, friends and classmates. Four Oaks will use the funding to support curriculum, special computers and software for the one-of-a-kind Asperger’s program.

“The Walmart Foundation is excited to support Four Oaks with this contribution for equipment going to the Asperger’s program,” said Houston Campbell, Walmart Marketing Manager. “Four Oaks is a fantastic organization that assists young people in our community. Walmart is always happy to give back in the communities we serve.”

Several Walmart managers from Eastern Iowa were able to tour The Four Oaks Asperger’s Program and see how it is designed to help teach skills to kids who have difficulty navigating and managing social, educational, workplace and family settings. The program utilizes books, computers, arts and crafts, role-playing, special computer software and field trips. More than 30 middle school and high school students are currently enrolled in the after-school program.

“We are so pleased that Walmart was able to see the needs of our Asperger’s children and the importance of their future contributions in our workforce,” said Liz Mathis, Four Oaks Chief Information Officer. “Our children can be successful if given the right guidance now.”

To find out more about the Four Oaks Asperger’s program, call program director Monica Ryan Rausch at 319-364-0259.