TotalChild ensures long-term success

December 11, 2015

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TotalChild ensures long-term success Seth admits that a few years ago, he wasn’t hanging out with the best people and he was doing things he shouldn’t. Fast-forward three years, and Seth has graduated from high school, is in his second year at Kirkwood Community College and plans to finish his four-year degree at Upper Iowa University. 

What happened to Seth? Why did his path change so drastically? Thanks to individuals like you, TotalChild became the answer that helped Seth achieve success.

Over the years, it’s become clear that for a child to achieve success, every aspect of his life needs to be healthy and stable…and stay that way. TotalChild is the comprehensive approach for helping children – staying with the child through the twists and turns of life – ensuring the child does not fall back onto a negative path.

Nearly five years into infusing the TotalChild approach into everything the Four Oaks family of agencies does, results are being seen in those children who are now beginning to enter the adult world. Seth is one of those kids. 

By bringing a team of support to the table, TotalChild worked closely with Seth, his family, his counselor, and high school to
help the teen succeed. It was during this time that Seth’s love of being outdoors and wildlife was discovered. “When we started talking about his future and career, he lit up. The key was making sure there was a team of people supporting him and his family,” shared Seth’s TotalChild Success Manager.

Recognizing this spark, Seth’s Success Manager helped connect the teen with Kirkwood’s Creating Futures program, coaching him through phone calls and applications. Then it happened. Seth’s dream of working in parks and recreation
came true with the opportunity for an internship at Squaw Creek Park in Linn County this past summer.

Seth is grateful for Four Oaks and credits TotalChild with getting him through high school and into college. “It’s gotten me on the right track…helped me change and realize I wanted to change. I honestly don’t know where I’d be right now. I probably wouldn’t be in college.”

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