The ABCs of Success

January 24, 2013

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The ABCs of Success Mason has had a difficult life. His mother passed away when he was just four years old and his uncle, who he became close to after his mom’s death, died when he was 10. As his father was never a part of his life, the responsibility of raising Mason and his two siblings fell on his grandparents.

In coping with the deaths of two people so close to him, Mason began getting in fights at school. This escalated and, following numerous hospital stays, Mason was eventually placed into residential treatment to help cope with his mental health issues. Upon leaving residential treatment, he was enrolled in the Four Oaks Mid-Iowa School Program at the beginning of his ninth grade year. This innovative program is a collaboration with local school districts to meet the needs of at-risk students. After a year and a half of consistent work in the program to develop coping skills to deal with his anger, Mason has been able to transition to half-time at the public school.

Mason is happy that his grandparents are proud of him as opposed to always being worried. He feels confident and this past fall he had the courage to go out for football. Things are looking good for Mason all around, as he is also improving academically and has put himself on the path to graduation. Congratulations Mason, Four Oaks is looking forward to watching you walk down the aisle on your graduation day as a child who has become a successful adult.