One last chance

June 22, 2012

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One last chance With group care facilities at full capacity in Waterloo, Four Oaks has designed a unique program that responds to a vital need. The Intensive Community Services program provides the last-ditch effort to deter juvenile delinquents from entering the group care system.

According to program manager Steve Edman, “These kids need another chance.  If we can provide the service to keep just one kid from being placed in a group care setting, we’ve done a good thing.”  In cooperation with the chief juvenile court officer, the program will begin in early July and Edman expects to yearly serve more than a dozen youth for a four month period.

Responding to the needs of kids and families is what Four Oaks does best, so when someone asks you “what are you doing to help kids?” you can proudly reply, “I support Four Oaks!”