New homes to be built in Wellington Heights

March 26, 2014

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New homes to be built in Wellington Heights For the first time in more than 50 years there are plans for five new single-family homes in an 18-block area of Wellington Heights, a core neighborhood in Cedar Rapids. Four Oaks, Affordable Housing Network Inc. (AHNI) and Skogman Homes will be partnering through the TotalChild program, working to make families, neighborhoods and the community stronger. Skogman Homes will build four houses and the Neighborhood Development Corporation will build the fifth.

Josh and Alyssa Hulme will be the first to move into their new home in Wellington Heights. The young couple, ages 20 and 22 are excited to begin their new life together in their new home with their infant son, Silas.  

Alyssa Hulme encourages other families to take advantage of the opportunity as well.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for families and for young couples wanting to have a family,” she said. “Being a new homeowner is a great benefit.”

The project includes partnerships with the Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association, Wells Fargo, City of Cedar Rapids “ROOTs” program, the IEDA’s Enterprise Zone Benefits program, Habitat for Humanity, Horizons and the Housing Fund for Linn County.

In just a few short weeks Skogman Homes will break ground on Josh and Alyssa’s new home.

“We’re in a position and we want to help in Wellington Heights,” said Kyle Skogman, President of Skogman Homes. “We want to see this thing work.”

AHNI is currently looking for other prospective buyers who are interested in exploring the purchase of a new home. After down payment assistance through the ROOTS program, a grant from Wells Fargo, and other down payment assistance, the net price of the homes will be, on average, between $85-90K.  

None of the fundraising dollars donated to the $6M TotalChild campaign will be used for buyer assistance. TotalChild is a Four Oaks approach focused on long-term support for 1,400 Linn County children and their families, including those who live in Wellington Heights. The housing portion of TotalChild is centered in an 18-block area where more than 100 properties will be positively impacted and the number of single family homes in the neighborhood will be increased; 80 properties have already been purchased and almost 50 are now rehabbed. 

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