Living Live to the Fullest

May 11, 2012

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Living Live to the Fullest Meredith Olson has spent the previous two decades raising children whom she has lovingly adopted, with the goal of giving them a better life. When she needed help addressing the challenges of some of the children’s emotional scars due to past neglect, Four Oaks was there for her.

A Four Oaks therapist who specializes in attachment therapy and provides individual and family therapy to adopted kids works with four of Meredith’s children who came from a Russian orphanage. The children experienced various social and health issues, such as anxiety, fetal alcohol syndrome, and developmental delays.

Through Four Oaks behavior health services the children have learned how to function and work together. They have learned techniques to build healthy communication, decrease emotional reactions, and seek appropriate attention. They now apply what they’ve learned while in school, at home, and in the community. Meredith gave them a loving family and a stable life and Four Oaks has provided them with the tools to live both to the fullest.