Keeping Families Intact

May 11, 2012

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Keeping Families Intact When teenage rebellion causes chaos within a family, the Four Oaks Emergency Services In-Home Prevention Program is there to help. Staff works in cooperation with the family to manage instability in the home setting, with the goal of preventing the child from being placed in foster care or a shelter.

This program changed everything for 15-year old Megan and her family. Megan was defiant and non-compliant with her mother’s rules to the point that law enforcement was called twice. Small issues seemed to explode with no warning and chaos affecting the whole family was a typical result. Through many mediated activities, Megan was able to begin identifying her triggers of anger, and staff was able to help the family identify solutions to their struggles.

Megan and her mother now listen to each other. They’ve established “house rules” that give Megan the ability to have input. Her grades have improved and she is contributing to the family in a healthy way. Mom is thrilled that her daughter is making better choices that strengthen her future as she moves toward adulthood.