Journey to Success

September 15, 2014

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Journey to Success When Mia first came to Four Oaks, her life was quickly spiraling downward. She was homeless and lost her job after going to jail. Mia’s son, Donovan, was removed from her care after she was caught driving under the influence with him in the car. Realizing she needed a change, Mia began to utilize Four Oaks Safety and Permanency (S&P) services. 

S&P services are available to families involved with child abuse assessments and/or open DHS cases. The support from these services enables children to safely remain with their family, be reunited with their family and/or achieve alternative permanency. Through these services, Mia has progressed from fully supervised visits with her son to overnights with him.

“Mia is a great mom,” Four Oaks Iowa City S&P Program Coordinator Karen Werner states, “She is very cooperative and it’s evident she loves her child.” 

Mia secured a part-time job at a local fast food restaurant, and now has her own apartment. She is continuing her college education at Kirkwood Community College. Steve Weber, a local community member who believes in Mia’s success, graciously donated a laptop so that she is able to complete her schoolwork. Mia greatly values education and regularly talks with her son about its significance. They often do homework together.

Mia and Donovan are well on their way to success. We congratulate Mia on her hard work and dedication to creating a better life for herself and her son.