It’s Not “Old School” Anymore

February 11, 2011

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It’s Not “Old School” Anymore To equip an old elementary school for the 21st century, it takes more than converting chalkboards to white boards.

Thanks to the Dubuque Racing Association and the Mystique Casino grant program, the Four Oaks Dubuque campus has installed a new security system that will allow for a safe environment for clients, families and staff members who are occupying three floors of activities in the former St. Patrick Elementary school.

“Presumably, when the school was built in 1952, there was a secretary near the doorway who could see students entering and exiting the building,” said program manager Dane Schrobilgen. “Because of our present configuration, we no longer have that ability.” The new security system will allow, among many things, television monitoring.

St. Patrick Elementary was closed in 2004 and reopened by Four Oaks, one of the state’s largest child welfare and juvenile justice agencies. The building is now named after Four Oaks’ board member, Jeff Davis and is home to such Four Oaks programs as Cornerstone, Parents as Teachers (PAT) and PHASE (supervised community treatment). Four Oaks also works with students from the Dubuque Community School District in the building that used to be the former school of the Sisters and Shamrocks.

Four Oaks has received grant funding from the Dubuque Racing Commission and Mystique Casino for past projects which included gymnasium chairs and athletic equipment. The donations have upheld an inscription that was placed at the 15th Street entrance to the building in 1952 that reads, “An Equal Chance to All.” For more information about Four Oaks, Click Here or call 563-557-3100