Getting a New Start

May 11, 2012

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Getting a New Start Brian needed to learn how to take responsibility for his actions, comply with rules and recognize the destructive path he was choosing to live. The Supervised Community Treatment program offered by Four Oaks, called PHASE, uses evidence-based intervention for juvenile offenders. The ultimate goal of the program, which is offered in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Waterloo, is to help teenagers change delinquent thinking and behavior to reduce the risk of reoffending.

PHASE helped Brian mature and realize that he needed to prioritize things in his life, such as earning his GED, seeking a job, stopping his substance abuse, and getting healthy. He attended Family Therapy with his mom in order to build a better relationship with her and in the process learned how to avoid damaging relationships in favor of more positive ones.

Because of donors like you, Brian now has the tools he needs to make positive choices and to succeed by being a contributing member in our community.