Four Oaks keeps family together

January 24, 2013

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Four Oaks keeps family together Following a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder and worsening physical disabilities, Erik’s doctor encouraged him to stop working and focus on regaining his health. For the single father, that also meant not knowing how he was going to provide for his young daughter. 

Erik qualified for Social Security and soon enrolled in the Four Oaks Cornerstone program, a Family Development Self-Sufficiency program (FaDSS) designed to partner with high-risk welfare recipients in working toward economic self-sufficiency and family stability. Through the program Erik has been able to learn how to access community and state resources to keep himself and his daughter in a safe home. His has also benefitted from the support of his caseworkers encouraging him to stay on his medication.

Family Development Specialist, Ashley Turner, who works with the Erik recently stated, “Erik goes above and beyond to ensure the needs of his daughter, Jaida are continuously met.  He is an amazing father and Jaida is very fortunate to have him in her life.

This past holiday season Erik’s four year old daughter Jaida was a recipient of a brand new bed from Slumberland Furniture, a Four Oaks partner. With Jaida now in her own room, Erik is able to get more sleep during the night which aids in his ability to cope with his illness. 

Erik is now reaching a point of stability and has even thought of opening his own custom jewelry business. This would allow Eric the flexibility to limit his workload according to his health status. Most importantly, Cornerstone has allowed Erik and Jaida to maintain a healthy home environment. Erik shared, “Without the support of Cornerstone and my family, I would be homeless.”