Building a community of caring

August 2, 2016

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Building a community of caring The Four Oaks Mason City team is collaborating with the North Iowa community, bringing how kids and families navigate trauma to the forefront.  

Four Oaks works with children and families who have experienced severe trauma of some kind, helping them overcome these struggles through the use of Trauma Informed Care, an approach that looks beyond the actions of those we serve to what caused it.

But what happens when a child leaves our care and the school district or the parent's employer doesn't understand the deep, lasting impact trauma can have on a child or family? How do we make sure the work done at Four Oaks continues to be supported as the child and family go back into the community? 

The North Iowa Trauma Initiative was created fill this need. “Our goal is for those we train to share what they have learned with their friends, colleagues and neighbors. We want to create a community filled with compassion and caring, and ready to help those who need it,” stated Four Oaks Mason City Director Mark Neibauer.

The collaboration, including Four Oaks, The Midwest Trauma Services Network and several local organizations from healthcare to education to business and beyond, is bringing education about trauma to the North Iowa community. Over the next several months, mental health experts will inform and train members of the community on ways they can help ensure continuity and compassion for all children and families.