Building Better Lives

May 11, 2012

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Building Better Lives Making friends, passing classes, receiving positive feedback – these are things most high school students take for granted. However, some students have challenges that make the whole experience difficult. Enter the Housing Education and Rehabilitation Training (HEART) Project – it’s a vocational-based educational setting where students come to Four Oaks to complete high school graduation requirements and gain hands-on construction experience at a work-site.

Just ask Collin. He was adopted by a loving family when he was three days old. Unfortunately, this fact didn’t guarantee a smooth life journey. He had difficulty learning, compounded by intense anxieties and trouble controlling his anger. By high school, his parents were feeling utterly hopeless and considered pulling him out of school, finding him a part time job, and home schooling him. Then they learned about the HEART program. “Through the introductory two week program, Collin matured five years,” said Collin’s mother, Sue. “The HEART Project delivered confidence to someone who has been struggling from day one. Do you know how incredible this is? We are not really sure how to thank Four Oaks enough.”