At Four Oaks, we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to succeed. We're committed to helping children and families and assure success through the use of innovative care techniques that bring the child, family, and community together to build a stronger tomorrow.

Assure children become successful adults.

It’s more than our mission – it’s the passion that permeates everything we do. From a home in rural Cedar Rapids in 1973, Four Oaks has grown to become one of Iowa’s strongest organizations devoted to helping children and families succeed through an extensive network of programs. We now serve children and families across all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Embrace the potential.

Children and families come to us for many reasons, which is why each family we serve receives integrated and personalized care. Each child is cared for as a unique; they are a special someone who matters. Children may come to us with psychiatric and emotional problems; they stay with us until they feel secure. Some have been in trouble with the law, or ran away from home; that’s when we work with them to teach them healthier ways to live. Others have challenges in the classroom; we teach them in a way that works for them. And when kids need a safe, secure home, we find foster care or a forever family.

Kids, family, community, and you.

We know that when children hurdle all obstacles to success, our families, homes, neighborhoods, and communities are stronger. Four Oaks believes in a family-centered approach: children need adults to guide them and sometimes adults need help with parenting. We work to heal and help families become stronger.

Four Oaks relies on our dedicated team and on the community to build a support system for each child and family to be successful. From schools to businesses, service clubs to churches, all are vital to creating a community that is committed to allowing our children to succeed.

As you browse this site, perhaps you are looking for help for a child you love or maybe you want to find a way that you can help make a difference in your community. Whatever the case, we're thankful you are here. Please give us a call at 319-364-0259 and let us know how we can help.

Expect Success,


Mary Beth O'Neill
President & CEO