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Who We Are

Expect success.
At Four Oaks, we believe that every child needs the opportunity to succeed. Since 1973 when ten adolescent boys had nowhere else to go, we have assembled the resources and a staff committed to “expect success” from our kids and ourselves.

Assure children become successful adults.
It’s more than our mission – it’s the passion that permeates everything we do. From that group home in rural Cedar Rapids nearly 40 years ago, Four Oaks has grown to become one of the state’s largest agencies devoted to child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health. We are still headquartered in Cedar Rapids but now reach kids and families from 14 different sites across the state.

Embrace the potential.
We recognize that children come to us from a variety of circumstances, which makes it important for us to reach kids and families where they are right now. For that reason, we provide prevention, intervention and treatment programs and services. Although we work with more than 14,000 kids and families in all 99 counties each year, each child is unique and treated as a single, special someone who needs some kind of support. Children may come to us with psychiatric and emotional problems; they stay with us until they feel secure. Some have been in trouble with the law, got into drugs or ran away from home; that’s when we work with them to teach them a better way to live. Others have challenges in the classroom; we teach them in a way that works for them. And when kids need a safe, secure home, we find foster care or a forever family.

Kids, family, community and you.
Four Oaks believes in a family-based treatment philosophy. Children need adults to guide them. Sometimes, adults need help with parenting. No matter where the weak link may be, Four Oaks sees the entire family as our client. Our key goal is to help heal troubled relationships and to help families become stronger.

We believe that children do best in families, and families do best in communities that support them. When children and their families cannot live together, Four Oaks is committed to providing an alternative permanent home for the child and to help families experience this change in a life-changing way. When families and children make positive changes together, we believe the result will be success.

We all depend on each other and need a vast support system for each to be successful. From schools to businesses, service clubs to churches – all are vital to creating a community that is committed to allowing our best asset – our children, to succeed. That is the Four Oaks vision.

Four Oaks is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc.

The agency and its staff have been recognized in Iowa and nationally for innovative and effective treatment of youth who come to the agency with a variety of behavioral and emotional problems. Four Oaks has received national recognition for its welfare reform programs that prevent child abuse and promote family self-sufficiency. The agency is a leader in developing partnerships with public and private entities that are designed to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of community based services.
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