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Residential Treatment Programs

Four Oaks offers three types of residential treatment programs:
Comprehensive residential treatment services are designed for youth with a variety of needs. This program focuses on the family-based approach, partnering with families in teaching cognitive self-control, personal coping skills, behavioral interventions, living skills accountability and self-responsibility.

CD+ Program
(Cedar Rapids; 20 adolescents, ages 13-17)
The CD+ Program is a jointly staffed and supported program with Four Oaks and the Area Substance Abuse Council, utilizing the unique strengths of each of the agencies. CD+ has a capacity of 20 conduct disordered and chemically dependent adolescents in a highly structured, confrontational treatment culture.

Marion Residential Treatment
(Marion; 28 males, ages 13-18)
This program is a specialized residential treatment program for delinquent adolescents. All residents are adjudicated delinquent or are adjudicated CINA (child in need of assistance) in response to serious anti-social behavior.

Smith Center Residential Treatment
(Cedar Rapids; 10 adolescents, ages 12-18)
South Oaks Residential Treatment
(Cedar Rapids; 20 males, ages 12-18)
Each youth receives a highly individualized plan involving a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA) assessment and remedial services. Additional and optional therapy services are available. The focus of this program is on developing higher levels of personal accountability, cognitive self-control, and a wider range of personal coping skills.

Enhanced residential treatment services are tailored to each youth’s specific needs. Four Oaks has two enhanced residential treatment locations.

John McDonald Residential Treatment Program (JMRT)
(Monticello; 24 females, ages 13-18)

Sexual Abuse Treatment and Re-orientation Program (STOP)
(Bertram; 38 males, ages 13-18)
The Four Oaks STOP residential program is designed for adolescent males who have sexual behavior problems. Components of the treatment service include family, individual, and group therapy.

The Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children (PMIC) is designed especially for children between the ages of 5 and 18 who present serious emotional and behavioral problems. The basic foundation of this program is designed to develop positive self-concepts, social and problem-solving skills while integrating child and family treatment components.

Mason City
(Mason City; 46 children, ages 5-13)

McIntyre Center
(Cedar Rapids; 16 children, ages 5-12)

North Oaks
(Cedar Rapids; 16 children, ages 5-12)

Smith Center
(Cedar Rapids; 13 adolescents, ages 13-18)
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